Times are changing. A new generation of fresh, innovative minds is coming up. Thus, it is our responsibility to ensure that these young starlets maximize their potentials. Children have always been at the center of humanity. They learn through different methods. However, in the last few decades, reading books seems to have become a dying art for most children.

Lawinar has emerged to restore the timeless value of reading books as a child. We believe that there is no limit to how far a child can excel when standing on the platform of books he or she has read. Learn more.

Our story

Lawinar is an independent publishing company based in the Netherlands. We are dedicated to publishing children’s books.

Chenoor Zagros is the founder of Lawinar publishing company. Throughout her life, she has always been keen on reading and writing books. Furthermore, she loves to paint and work with oil paint at leisure. With an educational background in literature and IT, writing books has become a lifelong passion, which Chenoor has pursued with utmost enthusiasm.

Meet Chenoor

What Do We Do?

We make reading a fun activity at Lawinar. Through colorful pictures, we promote learning relevant concepts, encourage imagination, and facilitate brain development. Our books are available in Dutch and English. Check out our library.

Mission Statement

To improve productivity and make children happy by teaching them basic social norms. We know the value of potentials in children. Thus, we want to develop their capacity while they have fun.

Our Vision

To put a smile on every child’s face and strengthen the relationship between children and their parents. At Lawinar, we want to build dreams with our books. 

Core Values

  • Passion: The company was built from a lifelong passion for teaching children through books.
  • Empathy and care: Children are a unique group of people. Thus, we have built our books and services around the peculiar nature of children.
  • Integrity: We maintain high standards of learning and are driven by excellence.
  • Innovation: We encourage the value of learning through creative ways.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among Competitors?

  • As an independent company, we are independent: we have extra room for flexibility and accessibility to suit every child’s needs.
  • Value-driven: We do not lose sight of our vision and values. Thus, we remain committed to helping kids learn something new from every book.
  • Children-friendly:While this might sound obvious, we go the extra mile to make your child happy by creating fun designs and characters.
  • Love: Love for kids and love for books. Lawinar is simply a home of unrivaled love and care.

Get In Touch

Lawinar is here to build your child’s dreams. Nothing beats the joy of seeing your child exhibit all-round excellence. It is time to give your child one of the best gifts through books. Contact us now